Tier 2 Committee Members | Washington State University

Tier 2 Committee Members

University Representatives

Position 1 and Vice Chair:

Maher Al Rwahnih, Research Representative

Associate Project Scientist, University of California

Foundation Plant Services, UC-Davis

Position 2:

Bill Shane, PhD, Extension Representative

District Extension Fruit Agent

Southwest Michigan Research & Extension Center

Position 3 and Chair:

Simon Scott, PhD, Research Representative

Professor of Fruit Virology, Clemson University

Southeast Budwood Program

Position 4:

Scott Harper, PhD, Research Representative

Assistant Professor, Washington State University, Director CPCNW

Clean Plant Center Northwest


Position 5:

Richard Kaitany, PhD (northcentral region)

Plant Pathologist

Michigan Depart. Of Agriculture and Rural Development

Geagley Laboratory Building

Position 6:

Dipak Poudyal, PhD (western region)

Plant Pathologist, Plant Health Program
Oregon Department of Agriculture

Position 7:

Vicki Smith, PhD (eastern region)
Associate Agricultural Scientist, Deputy State Entomologist
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station


Position 8:

Chalmers Carr, Fruit Producer (southern region)

President & CEO, Titan Farms


Position 9:

Cliff Beumel, Nursery Producer (western region)

Vice President, Sierra Gold Nurseries

Position 10:

Wanda Heuser Gale, Nursery Producer (northcentral region)

International Plant Management, Inc.

Position 11:

Phil Baugher, Nursery Producer (northeastern region)

President, Adams County Nursery

Position 12:

Dale Goldy, Nursery Producer (western region)

Gold Crown Nursery

Position 12:

Jim Bittner, Fruit Producer (northeastern region)

President and General Manager, Singer Farms

Non-Voting Members

APHIS (PPQ) Observer:

Shailaja Rabindran, PhD


National Clonal Germplasm Repository Representative:

Joseph Postman

Plant Pathologist, Oregon State University

National Clonal Germplasm Repository


AmericanHort Representative:

Craig Regelbrugge

Sr. Vice President, Industry Advocacy & Research
AmericanHort Association

Subject Matter Expert:

Bill Howell

Northwest Nursery Improvement Institute

Topcliffe Farm

NCPN National Coordinator:

Erich Rudyj

National Clean Plant Network

USDA, APHIS, Plant Protection and Quarantine

NCPN-FT Program Coordinator:

Catherine Jones

Clean Plant Center Northwest

Washington State University – Prosser