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Network Business

National Clean Plant Network-Fruit Trees has an advising body called the Fruit Tree Tier 2 Specialty Crop Committee. This committee is made up of voting and non-voting members. Voting members include members of the US Tree Fruit industry, regulatory members of state agencies and both research and extension university representatives. Non-voting members include the NCPCN National Coordinator, a national Clonal Germplasm Repository representative, two USDA-APHIS observers, one representative from the AmericanHort Association and subject matter experts.

This group provides counsel to the individual NCPN-FT centers and to the NCPN governing board. Fruit Tree Tier 2 Specialty Crop Committee members duties include providing policy advice to the National Clean Plant Network; establishing priorities for funding programs; formulate operation procedures, including efficient use of land and facilities, in order to meet goals; identify and review deliverable outcomes; establish research priorities to achieve long-term goals and perform an annual evaluation of NCPN-FT program performance.