Washington State University


The National Clean Plant Network – Fruit Trees is a body of industry members, experts in plant pathology, regulators and clean plant centers. We work together to increase the economic stability of specialty crop production in the United States.

There are three clean plant centers that make up the National Clean Plant Network – Fruit Trees: the Clean Plant Center Northwest at Washington State University – Prosser, The Southeast Budwood Program at Clemson University and Foundation Plant Services at the University of California – Davis. Our clean plant services include the production and distribution of healthy plant material.

“In 1999, plum pox virus was discovered for the first time in North America…within ten miles of our warehousing…and within six miles from one of our farming operations…we were instructed, under quarantine regulations, to destroy our entire crop of stone fruit nursery stock and propagative material…

The key to the success…was the collection of virus certified material located in Prosser and the now National Clean Plant Center. We were able to immediately access propagative material…we successfully established this planting over the next 3 years.”

Phillip D. Baugher, President, Adams County Nursery, Inc., Aspers, PA