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The National Clean Plant Network – Fruit Trees is a body of industry members, experts in plant pathology, regulators and clean plant centers. We work together to increase the economic stability of specialty crop production in the United States.

There are three clean plant centers that make up the National Clean Plant Network – Fruit Trees: the Clean Plant Center Northwest at Washington State University – Prosser, The Southeast Budwood Program at Clemson University and Foundation Plant Services at the University of California – Davis. Our clean plant services include the production and distribution of healthy plant material.

Cherry on a branch

“Viruses and virus-like diseases reduce plant vigor and yield, product quality, and in some cases, cause to death of the infected plants. Control of these pathogens is limited, for there is no cure, only removal of infected plants. It is more effective to prevent the introduction and spread of these pathogens in the first place. This is the role of the National Clean Plant Network’s Clean Plant Centers, for they are the first and only line of defense against the introduction and spread of harmful viruses and virus-like diseases into US specialty crops. Through the process of rigorous diagnostic screening, virus elimination, and maintenance of foundation collections protected against reinfection, the Clean Plant Centers are the nation’s repository for virus-tested propagative material for growers, nurseries and the public.”

Dr. Scott Harper, Clean Plant Center Northwest Director